Showtime Networks

Audio/Edit Room Suites

A 3-phase project to construct new audio/edit room suites and equipment room within a 5 month window in existing office space at the corporate headquarters for Showtime Networks which included performing a re-stack of various Showtime departments to clear the needed space.

The 1st phase required the relocation of existing personnel to temporary locations to vacate the area for the new construction. Phase 2 was the construction of the new edit/audio spaces to include: edit rooms, fully isolated audio rooms & voice over booths, rack room, mechanical room, graphics, office area, and informal conference area. Phase 3 consisted of the re-stack of approximately 100 people which incorporated various mini phases to construct new office spaces, reconfigure existing workstations, and personnel relocations.

A 5-month window was provided from bid process through completion and occupancy.

Project Details

Temporary relocation of personnel for duration

Construction of new edit/audio spaces

Re-stack of 100 employees

Reconfigured work stations

New office spaces

On-time delivery of project within time frame and budget

New edit rooms, audio rooms, rack room, mechanical room, graphics, office area, conference area